Multi-destination transfers up to CFA F 300,000

Express Union the No. 1 hereby informs its customers that withdrawing up to CFA F 300,000 is now possible in any Express Union branches of their choice in Cameroon, including the 115 Sunday counters as well as the 32 night counters available nationwide. Not a step without Express Union.

2nd Raffle Draw

Express Union the No. 1 goes on showering its customers with hundreds of prizes. Up to 30 April, multiply your transfers, participate to the raffle and take your chance to win a magnificent car, titled lands, motorbikes, cookers, freezers, flat screens… just to name a few!

The 2nd draw is to hold on 29 May 2016 in TAM-TAM Week-end, broadcast on CRTV.

Not a step without Express Union.

Social Safety Nets

Express Union: No. 1 Actor in the fight against poverty. Alongside Cameroon Government, the No. 1 has paid beneficiary households of the Social Safety Nets programme who are located in Maga, Mokolo and Kar-Rhay. Not a step without Express Union.