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From 1st April 2019 to 31st January 2020 , Your faithfulness is rewarded throughtout the year!

-02 OPI transactions (sending or withdrawing)

-02 ERA transactions (sending or withdrawing)

-02 EUI transactions (sending or withdrawing)

-02 Transactions via Express Union Mobile Money (Transfer and/or withdrawal)

-01 bill payment (Camwater, Eneo, Canal+) via Express Union Mobile Money

-01 purchasing of telephone credit via Express Union Mobile Money

-01 purchasing or paying transaction via QR Code

-02 GAB or TPE withdrawal transactions

-01 Camwater, Eneo or Canal+ transaction at one of Express Union counters

-01 effective refunding of an emergency loan

-01 EU Civil Servants Salary subscription (effective transfer of salary)

-01 school fees payment (MINESEC)

-01 competitive exam fees payment

-01 pre registration fees payment

-01 university fees payment

-01 transaction whose charges are above 30.000 F

-01 card suscription ( blue visa)

IN ALL, 5 DRAWS on CRTV , Tam-Tam Week-end
– National Day Special Draw: 09th August 2019
– Holidays Special Draw: 11th August 2019
– Back to school Special Draw: 03rd November 2019
– University back to school Special Draw: 05th January 2020
– New year Special Draw: 09th February 2020

EXPRESS UNION launches Mobile Money cash deposits from abroad.

Since February 1st, World Remit the leader of digital cash transfer associated with EXPRESS UNION Finance SA Cameroon in a bid to offer the cash deposit service in Mobile Money accounts from abroad, using the World Remit application or web site. The Cameroonian diaspora living in more than 50 countries can now instantly send money to their relatives at low costs, this, no matter the time, days and nights. The beneficiaries can thus use their mobile purse to get, keep or spent their cash as they wish to.

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Express Union Foundation makes a significant donation to Laquintinie Hospital



Within the framework of of its social actions, the Express Union Foundation caravan stopped at this remarkable health facility in the city of Douala, in a bid to make a significant donation of biodegradable dustbins.
This Wednesday 24th October 2018, Pr Louis Richard Ndjock Director of Laquintinie Hospital of Douala, received from the EXPRESS UNION Finance SA Littoral Regional Manager Mr. Aimé Robert TokemNgong, the donation made of biodegradable dustbins targeted to contribute to fight against insalubrity in the medical setting on the one hand; and the reduction of environment pollution on the other hand.

EU Mobile Money : a quality and affordable service

For more than 10 years now, EXPRESS UNION Finance S.A has been operating in a constant innovating context through the Mobile Banking service.

The objective being to enable each customer to benefit from a quality and affordable service : “an affordable service for all”.

Innovation is still on the agenda nowadays :
• The possibility to purchase communication credit with all mobile phone operators;
• The possibility to handle 02 EU Mobile Money accounts via the Android application;
• The possibility to renew your subscription to Canal+ or Free Africa channels;
• The possibility to pay your eneo and CDE bills;
• The possibility to check your “cash pour transfert” account through your EU Mobile Money account;
• The possibility to edit the list of the last 10 recipients of P to P transactions;
• The Possibility to select the recipient from the list of contacts in your mobile phone.
• A wide network to remain close to our customers …

And the best is still to come with EU Mobile Money; to make your dreams come true is our main concern.

EXPRESS UNION at the University of Yaoundé I

On Tuesday 20th March 2018, the EXPRESS UNION team empowered the students of the university of Yaoundé I with their expertise about all sorts of merchants payments: Mobile Banking, electronic payment system.

In fact, the EXPRESS UNION team exchanged with the students of Yaoundé I on the theme: “ Various mobile payment means, competitiveness and youth socio professional insertion lever ”.

This conference enabled the participants to plan their possibly actual future , having digitalisation as main concern.

Students thereby caught the opportunity to understand the market actors and their socio professional orientation.
Once more, EXPRESS UNION Finance S.A stands as the students’ partner.

This conference at the university of Yaoundé I falls within the scope of shared experience with students a program established by EXPRESS UNION. After the universities of Dschang, Bamenda, Yaoundé II, the university of Yaoundé I is a new stone added to the strategy, but surely not the last.

To be continued in other universities…

EXPRESS UNION Finance & the CENADI: a knight on his charger

Once upon a time, civil servants…

It started as a fairy tale, and steadily, as each fairy tale, the story has a happy end.

In fact, the story started with an expressed need of civil servants requiring a wider network for the payment of their wages.

No worry ! EXPRESS UNION Finance S.A has the appropriate network and a wish : The satisfaction of most customers.
Thus, after a fierce battle, the knight was victorious ! Since last 27th February thanks to, the award of the code CENADI, civil servants can now benefit from the expertise and the EXPPRESS UNION network for the management of their wages even in remote areas .

The MINFOPRA and EXPRESS UNION Finance S.A for digital payment of administrative competitive examinations charges







Promote good financial governance and make thinks easier to applicants to administrative competitive examinations through the digitalisation of related fees payment, that is the purpose of the partnership agreement signed in Yaoundé on 18th October 2018, between the Ministry of Public Service and EXPRESS UNION Finance SA.

By mandating the 2nd category micro finance institution to collect the various charges related to administrative competitive examination it organises, the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform and its applicants use the expertise of EXPRESS UNION Finance SA as far as payments are concerned.

A real step forward because they save time and experience safety thanks to fast and simplified payment in Express Union counters installed in regional delegations of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform.

The applicants to various administrative competitive examinations organised by Minfopra will be issued a payment receipt after each payment to serve as proof of payment , or else, a duplicate copy could be issued if need be.

A reason of satisfaction for the Secretary General of the Ministry of Public service and Administrative Reform during the ceremony.

Speaking about the support of EXPRESS UNION Finance SA to the Ministry of Public service and Administrative Reform within the framework of promotion of good practise as far as financial governance is concerned. The General Manager of the social company has assured the instant tracking of all payments and traceability of transactions.

The applicants to various administrative competitive examinations organised by Minfopra are now highly welcomed to EXPRESS UNION counters found in regional delegations of the ministerial department for the said payments.

In a nearest future, they could pay without moving through their mobile phone via Express Union Mobile Money, the 100% Cameroonian Solution.

Multi-destination transfers up to CFA F 300,000

Express Union the No. 1 hereby informs its customers that withdrawing up to CFA F 300,000 is now possible in any Express Union branches of their choice in Cameroon, including the 115 Sunday counters as well as the 32 night counters available nationwide. Not a step without Express Union.

2nd Raffle Draw

Express Union the No. 1 goes on showering its customers with hundreds of prizes. Up to 30 April, multiply your transfers, participate to the raffle and take your chance to win a magnificent car, titled lands, motorbikes, cookers, freezers, flat screens… just to name a few!

The 2nd draw is to hold on 29 May 2016 in TAM-TAM Week-end, broadcast on CRTV.

Not a step without Express Union.

Social Safety Nets

Express Union: No. 1 Actor in the fight against poverty. Alongside Cameroon Government, the No. 1 has paid beneficiary households of the Social Safety Nets programme who are located in Maga, Mokolo and Kar-Rhay. Not a step without Express Union.