EXPRESS UNION at the University of Yaoundé I

On Tuesday 20th March 2018, the EXPRESS UNION team empowered the students of the university of Yaoundé I with their expertise about all sorts of merchants payments: Mobile Banking, electronic payment system.

In fact, the EXPRESS UNION team exchanged with the students of Yaoundé I on the theme: “ Various mobile payment means, competitiveness and youth socio professional insertion lever ”.

This conference enabled the participants to plan their possibly actual future , having digitalisation as main concern.

Students thereby caught the opportunity to understand the market actors and their socio professional orientation.
Once more, EXPRESS UNION Finance S.A stands as the students’ partner.

This conference at the university of Yaoundé I falls within the scope of shared experience with students a program established by EXPRESS UNION. After the universities of Dschang, Bamenda, Yaoundé II, the university of Yaoundé I is a new stone added to the strategy, but surely not the last.

To be continued in other universities…

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