Express Union Canada

Express Union Canada is a money transfer company based in Canada, it enables you to send money to your relative in Africa. Also, it is now possible to send money to Canada from some EXPRESS UNION counters in Africa thanks to the support of UBC PLC bank.
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Reasons to choose Express Union Canada
Attractive tariff : From Canada towards Africa


The instant processing, the confidentiality and the availability of your cash at destination.
How to make an Express Union Canada cash transfer ?
Go to the nearest Express Union Canada branch;
Fill a sending form and show your identification document;
Hand the principal amount and the charges to the teller for processing;
Once the transaction performed, collect the reference number and communicate it to the recipient so that they could collect the cash in an EXPRESS UNION counter in Africa .
How to collect cash from Express Union Canada in an EXPRESS UNION counter in Africa?
Collect the reference number from the sender in Canada;
Go to the nearest Express Union in Africa branch;
Give your identification document and the reference number to a teller;
Fill the withdrawal form and hand it to the teller for processing;
Once the processing completed, you can get your cash.
Find the Express Union branches in Canada
Montréal 1, 824 Boulevard Décarie. H4L3L9
Montréal 2, 4959 B, Chemin Queen Mary ;
Montréal EST, GB la Référence, 5852 Rue Belanger ;
Lassalle, Marché du Mboa. 1240 Dollars H8N2P2 ;
Ottawa, All Africa Market. 411 MC Arthur, K1K 1G7.
Sherbrooke, 468 Galt O, QC J1H 1Y7. O TROPIK.
Marché Mboppi, 905 Boulevard DECARIE
Québec, Dépanneur Mokolo 3062 Chemin des quatre bourgeois.