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WorldRemit in partnership with EXPRESS UNION for cash withdrawal transactions in Cameroon

From left to right Mr Albert Kouinche and Mr Ismail Ahmed

Respectively CEOs of EXPRESS UNION and WorlRemit

Instant cash withdrawal service now available in more than 710 EXPRESS UNION points of sale nationwide

London, 22nd October 2016: The Electronic cash transfer service WorldRemit   has partnered with the No 1 Money Transfer Company in Cameroon, EXPRESS UNION, in a bid to fully respond to the need of cash transfer in Cameroon. WorldRemit customers can now send money from abroad to Cameroon being sure that the money can be paid in the more than 710 EXPRESS UNION points of sale

Nowadays, cash transfer transactions performed by WorldRemit customers can be estimated at more than half a million per month.


EXPRESS UNION the No1 and WorldRemit are conquering Africa and the world

 The Cameroonian company and the British giant reinforce their partnership signed since 2016, by widening their range of services and exploring new corridors.

Partnership reinforcement   It’s the main resolution of the strategic meeting held in London between the CEO of EXPRESS UNION on 21st November 2017, the CEO of the No 1 Money Transfer Company in the CEMAC zone, Mr. Albert Kouinche, and Mr. Ismail Ahmed,  CEO of WordlRemit, the world leader of digital money transfer.  

More satisfaction and flexibility: that is the purpose of widening the range of services provided by EXPRESS UNION, the No 1 Money Transfer Company in the CEMAC zone, and WorldRemit the world leader of digital money transfer within the framework of the partnership between the two giants since 22nd October 2016.

Henceforth, the payment of WorldRemit transactions from about fifty countries, will now be possible in the EU Mobile Money account in Cameroon, in addition to the instant WorldRemit cash withdrawal all through the EXPRESS UNION network in Cameroon.

WorldRemit transactions could also be paid in the bank accounts found at EXPRESS UNION Finance SA a 2nd category micro finance institution.

The most interesting is that, EXPRESS UNION the No 1 is now working with its banking partners on the legal and technical aspects that will allow its millions customers to perform sending transactions towards 148 countries covert by the WorlRemit network in Cameroon.

The partnership with EXPRESS UNION not only increases the visibility around WorldRemit, and enables the achievement of its objective to reaching 10 million customers in emerging countries by the year 2020 (the half being found in Africa), but also, the association with the giant in the domain of on line money transfer created in 2010, offers lots of advantages to EXPRESS UNION.

It is notably all about widening the range of services and increasing EXPRESS UNION customers portfolio, exploring of new corridors worldwide, using EU Mobile Money account and other EXPRESS UNION accounts for local WorldRemit transactions payment.

The new punch given by EXPRESS UNION the No 1 and WorldRemit to their partnership since the 22nd October 2016, happens in a context of expansion and strategic development of both labels more than ever focussed on digitalisation (AndroidPays for WorldRemit and android and IOS for EXPRESS UNION).

WorldRemit, the leader of digital money transfer, in a bid to increase its growth made a fund-raising of 40 million dollars on December 07th 2017, whereas EXPRESS UNION undertook a huge project of deployment of 1,500 commercial booths by the end of the year 2018 for more proximity, and the reinforcement of its digital solutions and applications for money transfers through mobile phone and e-banking.



WorldRemit revolutions the cash transfer sector.

It’s simple : just open your application or visit the web site… no more need of assistance !

  • Money transfers to most countries are performed instantly – send cash at the speed of a message.
  • Many withdrawal options :  Bank transfers, cash collection.
  • Available in more than 50 countries and towards 125  destinations.
  • With the support of Accel Partners and TCV, Facebook shareholders Sportify, Netflix and Slack.

WorldRemit head office found in London in Great Britain, and the company has many regional offices in USA, in Canada, in South Africa, in Singapore, in Philippines, in Japan, in Australia and in New Zealand.