The Fast Money Transfer service makes it easier for a customer (the sender) to send cash to a beneficiary located in any area of the country within which the transaction is performed. The service is fast, safe and convenient.

Sending money through EXPRESS UNION is as simple as follows:

  • Go to the nearest EXPRESS UNION branch; and
  • Fill in the white sending form.


In case you doubt the beneficiary’s proper name, please do contact them to get the right information.

If your beneficiary does not have a national ID, please specify the identification document to help cash the money.

Communicate the password to your beneficiary if you did provide one during the transaction.

Upon payment, you shall be given a receipt to be kept for precaution.

In the sending process, you are offered the possibility to send a 30-character message for free to your beneficiary.

As soon as the transaction is made, your beneficiary gets an instant and free notification message.

Afterwards, the beneficiary is free to cash their money from CFA F 1 to CFA F 300,000 in any EXPRESS UNION branch available in Cameroon.

Collecting one’s money after the cash is sent from any EXPRESS UNION branch around the country is quite easy as well.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to any EXPRESS UNION branch;
  • Fill out the pink withdrawal form; and
  • Hand the form over to the EXPRESS UNION agent along with your identification document specified by the sender.

NB :

In case of any doubt concerning the sender’s details, please call the sender for more information before proceeding.
SAFETY is our main concern.