EXPRESS UNION always innovates through adapted solutions, which have great impact on payments and funds management of your company.

In 2008, thanks to a new multi-services application, EXPRESS UNION is the first company to launch money transfer through mobile phone in Cameroon. Nowadays, more than 3,000,000 Cameroonians and many companies trust this service. 3,000,000 times thank you!
In 2013, the innovating dynamism of the EXPRESS UNION label is at the service of students through the payment of university tuition fees, pre-registration and fees of competitive entrance examination to professional schools.
Because EXPRESS UNION is aware that each company is including innovation in its marketing strategy, the company supports and encourages SMEs /SMIs and bigger enterprises to request the Express Union bill service, in order to increase their productivity by:

  • offering to their customers and partners, the possibility to make their payments wherever they are in the nearest Express Union counter;
  • offering to their decentralised organisms, the possibility to deposit funds in EXPRESS UNION counters and get the deposit confirmation instantly;
  • saving time and gaining more discretion while performing transactions;
  • mastering their charges.

Thank you for your loyalty to the No1 Money Transfer Company

Not a step without EXPRESS UNION

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The revolution in your company’s payments and funds management.

YOUR CUSTOMERS, YOUR PARTNERS will have the possibility to make payments in any EXPRESS UNION counter.

Your branches could deposit your funds in Express Union counters


  • Save time and gain more discretion while performing transactions
  • Master your charges.

Thank you for your loyalty to the No1 Money Transfer Company


We work in close collaboration with partners thanks to the Express Union Bill solution we provide. We can name among others:

  • VU SUR
  • eneo
  • CNPS