Thanks to the partnership between EU and BdE, the African Diaspora in France can now efficiently contribute to the development of the continent through various ranges of innovating services.

To migrants, EXPRESS UNION offers the possibility to achieve their project, finance the education of their relatives, pay the hospital and medicine bills and offer them social assistance (foodstuff, essential products and household appliances…).

Therefore, they can now perform their transactions specifying the use of the funds. The recipient does not receive the cash, but a cash or payment voucher enabling him to directly collect the good or use the service at the EXPRESS UNION partner’s location chosen by the sender.

The service is equally available nationally and operates under the same principle from the urban zone to the rural zone and vice versa.

The available services are:

  • Fast Money transfer from France in BdE branches towards Cameroon, Benin, Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, DRC, and Chad.
  • BdE withdrawals transactions from Express Union counters.
  • Current and savings account creation at EXPRESS UNION from BdE counters in France.
  • Cash deposits and bank transfers on EXPRESS UNION Finance account in Cameroon from BdE counters in France.
  • Properties acquisitions and financings in Cameroon.

The following services will soon be available

    Assistance to parents and relatives left in the country thanks to our network of more than 362 branches.
    Sanitary assistance through which EXPRESS UNION directly hands the money to the migrant’s sick parents or relatives or directly pays the medical examination and medicine bills.
    Academic assistance through which EXPRESS UNION acts like an intermediary between the migrant and their relatives in school by paying directly their school fees or by purchasing their school equipment and assuring their upkeep.
  • The migrant’s salaries domiciliation at BdE with a standing or timely transfer order of a part to Cameroon, from EXPRESS UNION counters
  • Cash transfers from France from BdE counters to Cameroon for the following purposes
  • Lands purchase
  • Houses purchase
  • Cash transfers from France towards Cameroon for the achievement of projects with a standing monitoring of the cash out level
  • The possibility to have their projects financed through credits disbursed by EXPRESS UNION.