EU Mobile Money is a service powered by EXPRESS UNION that enables an account holder to carry out financial transactions right from their mobile phone, no matter their mobile network operator.

– Thanks to EU Mobile Money, feel free to:

  • Perform direct or remote deposits (which could be done by a third party);
  • Perform direct or remote withdrawals from your account;
  • Send money to a third party (P to Cash);
  • Transfer money from one EU Mobile Money account to another (P to P);
  • Pay various bills (eneo, CDE, CAMTEL, CAMRAIL);
  • Pay university fees, as well as a variety of other school fees;
  • Check out what is charged for an operation;
  • Check out your account balance;
  • Get mini-statements of account.

– EU Mobile Money — What’s in it for you

  •  Service available regardless of sender’s/beneficiary’s mobile network operator (making it easy for the beneficiary to collect their money in any EXPRESS UNION branches of their choice);
  • Money transfer and payment of bills from wherever you are;
  • Instant, simple, secure and convenient service;
  • Time-saving.

– How to Subscribe to EU Mobile Money?

Go to any EXPRESS UNION branch of your choice with:

  • 01 photocopy of your valid National ID card, receipt, passport or residence permit whereon you shall sign thrice;
  • 01 copy of any electricity/water bill or location plan of your house;
  • 02 4×4 passport size photographs (you can also take photographs thanks to the Branch’s webcam).


– How to Withdraw Money from Your EU Mobile Money Account?

02 options:

  • Direct withdrawal: Collect your money from the branch where your account was initially created (home branch).
  • Remote withdrawal: Collect your money from any other branches than the home branch using the following SMS syntax:
    RE (spacing) Agent Account (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN, and send it all to 8081.

Example: RE 00001234 5000 1234

– How to Send Money from an EU Mobile Money Account?

04 options are available using your mobile phone:

  • Download the EU Mobile Money application from Google Play;
  • USSD Code: if you are a mobile phone subscriber, just dial *050# and follow instructions;
  • Vocal Call or IVRS: call either 8081 or 8007 and follow instructions;
  • SMS: type any of the syntaxes below:

For a P-to-Cash, send the following to 8081 or 8007:

EM (spacing) Recipient’s Phone Number (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN

EM (spacing) Recipient’s phone Number (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN

Example: EM 675291003 10000 1234

 For a P-to-P, send the following to 8081 or 8007:

TR (spacing) Recipient’s Phone Number (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN

TR (spacing) Recipient’s phone Number (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN

EXAMPLE: EM 675291003 10000 1234

– How to Withdraw Money at Counter?

To withdraw money, you need to:

  • Go to an EXPRESS UNION branch of your choice;
  • Fill in the EU Mobile Money Operation Form and unmark “”. Make sure to indicate the following information on the form:
    Amount of operation, Code of operation (made up of four alphabetical characters or digits), and recipient’s ID (phone number or name).
    Such information is available in the SMS received from the sender.
  • Provide a valid ID;

Upon doing this, you are eligible for payment after the operation is processed.


– How to Pay University Fees?

There are 02 options:

  • EU Mobile Money Application (downloaded from Google Play): fill out relevant fields.
  • SMS: Type one of the syntaxes below based on the relevant University:
    University of Yaoundé 1PF (spacing) 100001011 (spacing) Student Registration Number .(period) year .(period) Instalment (spacing) MPIN
    Note : Type “0” for FULL PAYMENT, “1” for 1st INSTALMENT or “2” for 2nd INSTALMENT
    e.g.: PF 100001011 10P290.15.0 1234
    University of Dschang: PF (spacing) 100001012 (spacing) PAYMENT SHEET NUMBER (spacing) MPIN
    e.g.: PF 100001012 51231 0000


– How to Pay Your eneo or CDE Bill?

02 options:

  • EU Mobile Money Application (downloaded from Google Play): fill out relevant fields.
  • SMS: type the syntaxes below:

Send the following to 8081 or 8007:

ENEO (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN

ENEO (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN

Example: ENEO 401879589 1234)


CDE (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN

CDE (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN

Example: CDE 401879589 1234.

– How to Check Your Account Balance? How to check your account Balance?

Send the following SMS to 8081 or 8007:

SO (spacing) MPIN

SO (spacing) MPIN

Example: SO 1234

– How to Check Sending Fees? How to check sending charges?

Send the following SMS to 8081 or 8007:

FR (spacing) EM (spacing) AMOUNT (spacing) MPIN

FR (spacing) EM (spacing) AMOUNT (spacing) MPIN

Example: Fr EM 10000 1234

Also feel free to send your syntax to any of the following numbers:

675 291 003/677 117 148/696 630 812/699 462 768/661 026 142

That’s so simple! You can either download the EU Mobile Money app from Google Play or just follow this link:
Once the download is successful, make sure to set up your app using Settings menu.